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This is a brief timeline of how the amazing Titanic - Pride of the White Star was made......

1990 - Original music was written for a 20 minute production called ‘The Titanic Experience’. This was performed as part of the Arts Week at Wildern School in Southampton.

1991 & 1992 – ‘Titanic - The Experience’ went on to be performed repeatedly to packed audiences.

1994 - Titanic - The Experience wins best performance at the Barclays Music Theatre Awards at the South Bank in London.

1999 - Tim Ford and the Eatleigh Borough Youth Theatre perform a new reworked version of the original musical entitled ‘Titanic - The Unsinkable Dream.’ The new version features several new songs.

1999/2000 –‘Titanic – The Unsinkable Dream’ is published by Musicline Productions.

2000 - An orchestral version of the work ‘Symphonia Titanica’ is performed as part of the Millennium celebrations at Southampton Guildhall. The work is performed by the Southampton City Pops Orchestra, Eastleigh Borough Youth theatre and local schools.

2000 – ‘Titanic – The Unsinkable Dream’ is performed to packed houses across the UK and in America and Australia. 

2001 - The work is performed to a packed house at Belfast’s Waterfront Hall. A full orchestra performs the music.

March 2006 – ‘Titanic- The Unsinkable Dream’ is performed for the last time at the Theatre Royal, Winchester.

April 2006 - Florida USA - James and Sue start work on new musical 'TITANIC – Pride Of The White Star'

August 2006 – James & Sue travel to Florida, to meet with Historical advisor Henry Loscher in Palm Harbor to discuss the historical accuracy of the new script.

October 2006 - Recording takes place of the first scenes of the Audio CD at Pinegrove Studios in Southampton, England with studio owner Ian Ward. Actors from Southampton taking part are - Johnny Carrington, Danny Sturrock, Daisy Wheeller & Charlie Wheeller.

October 2006  - James and Sue travel to the US for the recording of  the American actors featuring on the audio CD. Recording takes place at Mo Productions Studios in Poiniciana, Florida with studio owner Omar. Actors from America taking part are: Jack Barker, Mark J Richman, Tatiana Weiss, Crystal Vanaria, Denise Vanaria, Kyrila Scully, Brandy Heuts, Henry Loscher, Jamie Thomas, Sarah Pounders, Jimmy Trebowski.

November 2006 - James and Sue fly to Southern Ireland to record the Irish dialogue for the new Audio CD.

Recording takes place at the David (Riverdance) Hayes Studios in Dublin.

Actors from Ireland taking part are: Adam Lynch, Aoife Cartwright, Sean Carey, Deidre Doyle, Claire Staunton, Ray O’Hare and Barry Keenan

April 2007 - TITANIC - PRIDE OF THE WHITE STAR Audio CD is finally released