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Writer and composer James Holmes and writer Sue Peckham invite you to take a journey with them aboard the most famous and luxurious ship of all time. RMS Titanic set sail on its maiden voyage on April 10th 1912 and headed into the history books and into our hearts. Join them now and enjoy this exciting and breathtaking new musical.....
Full of showstoppers and heart rending moments. Welcome aboard!


Primary School Version

A slightly cut down version of the full musical, the Primary School version of this audience pleasing show takes the audience through the key parts of the full production. This version can be performed either as a play or as a mini-musical.

Guaranteed to play to full houses, this is a real winner in terms of involvement with the children, as the story has excited and enthralled audiences the world over.
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Youth Theatre and Secondary School Version

2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of MRS Titanic, with anniversary cruises being planned already and media coverage extremely high, this show is an absolute winner for your school, youth theatre or production company.

If you are looking for a show which can involve big numbers – this is it!

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On a cold April night in 1912 the lives of 2000 people were changed forever

This is the remarkable story of just a few of them......

pride of the white star audio story cd

April 1956 sees and old man and his two grand children searching in a dusty old attic for material to help with a school project when they come across a chest. Little did the children know that the chest held memories for their grandfather of one of the most significant disasters in maritime history. Artefacts that brought memories of the fateful night in April 1912 when the RMS Titanic sank to the bottom of the ocean taking with her over 1500 souls.

Titanic – Pride of the White Star dramatically tells the story not only of the events of that terrible night but some of the lesser known stories of heroism and personal sacrifice of some of her passengers and crew. It tells also the story of how three items came to give them a common link to our hero, Charles Joughin, chief baker on Titanic. He is now an old man helping a new generation to understand the events and lessons of that tragic night.

Writers James Holmes and Sue Peckham invite you to discover the most heartbreaking and fascinating of all Titanic’s stories. But be warned this story isn’t for the faint hearted. This remarkable work is based on the true life of Titanic baker Charles Joughin will quite literally leave you on the edge of your seat